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The Roadmap to Get Hired Faster

What’s the most efficient way to search for a job, how can I stand out from the crowd amongst the furious competition by thousands of other job seekers, and the increasing numbers of fresh graduates every year.


Why some graduates are getting hired and promoted faster than their companions in the same field or education level.


The answers to these questions are extremely important to everyone.


Because based on the latest statistics for the MENA region, 27% of graduates are unemployed, 63% of employees are not working in their fields, and 72% of them are not satisfied with their current jobs, 


To answer these questions let me first give you a brief introduction.


As you know, there are two means to acquire knowledge, either by the trial and error approach, or by learning from experts.


The difference between these two approaches is that when we acquire knowledge from experts, in fact, we buy our time, and we reduce risk! so instead of trying things on our own, and spending our valuable time, and even putting ourselves at risk, we can acquire the necessary knowledge for us to success from experts, who have gained such knowledge through years.


Same thing applies to your career, you have two choices, you either take the risk of the trial and error approach to bridge the gap between your education and the business market by writing your resume on your own using some online templates, and relying on your own research to choose a job that you think its the suitable job for you, and keep trying to get a hired through submitting hundreds of job applications before you are really ready to do so, just as the majority of job seekers do! 


Because this approach sounds easier and faster; but in fact, most of them who have taken this approach spend months and even years searching for jobs or better jobs with no luck, taking the risk of losing the most valuable years of their lives, leaving themselves behind the competition with other job seekers.


Which explains the statistics shown above.

On the other hand, some few job seekers take a different path, through acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience from career and business experts in their fields who are already in the business market and understand the business language and perspective, to help them choose the right jobs based on their fields and their natural personal preferences in order to reach their exceptional level, guide them through the proper way to write their professional resumes that showcase their true value from the eyes of the business and employers.


Show them how to search for jobs efficiently and properly, and how they supposed to perform during interviews to be the informed and irresistible candidates for employers. 


So they can start applying for jobs with confidence where each job application they submit will matter!


Which of those two paths have you taken for yourself?


My friend, you should know that planning your career and searching for a job is a science that need to be learned, just like any other science field.


You have already invested so much time, effort, and money in your education, you have already achieved something important, 

don’t lose that by failing to cross the bridge between your education and the business market like many others do.


My advise to you, my friend, your career shapes your future and lifestyle for almost your entire life! Plan it properly, don’t think that you can compete with thousands of other job seekers by simply writing your resume on your own and start submitting job applications, in fact you are loosing opportunities and shrinking your chances of getting hired every time you submit a job application before you are ready to do so.


Be smart, be different, get career guidance from experts, this is the only way to compete and get the job you are looking for and deserve.

For those who have chosen to take the second path; Career Bridge was founded!


Their mission is to educate and guide fresh graduates and job seekers as they explore and further understand themselves and career options. Develop as professionals and launch their post-graduation career plans.


Their objective is to make it clear and easy for those who are looking for the best fit job. How to build and advance their careers to achieve the future they are looking for and deserve. Through advanced yet straightforward guidelines to assist them finding their best job that fits their skills, personality and ambition,


Mainly the fresh graduates who are looking for their first job, the and how to overcome the obstacle of their need for experience to get hired, and in the same time most job posts are asking for experience, while they need to get hired to get such experience. To help those who have chosen to be successful.


Starting from choosing your career path based on your field and natural personal preferences, where you can reach your exceptional level and success, I mean really success in your career life.


and showing you the right approach to writing your professional resume that showcase your true value from the eyes of the business and employers,


As well as, guide you through the most efficient and effective methods and techniques to search for the best jobs and to demonstrate your value during interviews to “sell” yourself to employers.


With a depth of information that job seekers can’t find anywhere else, Career Bridge is the only place where job seekers can find all the information and tips they require to shine and make themselves irresistible to employers.


  • Realizing the Reality of Job Search

  • Choosing the Career That is Right Fit for You

  • How to Build Your Professional Resume

  • How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter for a particular job post

  • How to Succeed in Your Interviews

  • How to Know Yourself and seize Your Value

  • How to Use Social Media Strategically in your career hunt

  • How To "Sell" Yourself to Employers

  • How to be Irresistible to an Employer

  • Key Mistakes That Will Keep You from Getting Hired

  • How to Make Your First 90 Days in A Job Successful


27% unemployment rate

in the MENA region 

63% of graduates are

not working in their fields


 72% of employees

are not satisfied

with their current job

Having a Proper Career Development & A Professionally Written Resume Can Make You

38% more likely to be 

contacted by recruiters.

31% more likely to 

land an interview.

40% more likely to 

land a satisfying job.

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