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Success Stories

We have helped 1.5 million job seekers finding their ideal Job; the job that gave them satisfaction about what they do daily, This is what we do and what we are here for!

Iman Bushnaq

Executive Secretary

"Career Bridge hasn't only guided me in figuring out where to start after graduation, but have also guided me through answering many questions of what, where, and how and saved me from going through a struggle of job hunting by providing a competitive advantage plan that made me stand out in jobs’ interviews"

Mohamed Yassir

Dispatch Officer

"Career Bridge Helped me in writing my resume, I began receiving calls and job interviews, I was really thrilled, even in interviews, I knew how to showcase my skills and negotiate with interviewers, and prove that I'm the right candidate for the job"

Saed Khalil

Senior Accountant 

"I spent over a year searching for a job, until I came across Career Bridge. I found that my job search approach was not as it supposed to be, they have showed me the way and how to success in interviews, until I have got my dream job in Dubai Properties Group"

Ahmed Asha

Customer Service

"Knowing what job fits me and how to get it wasn't an easy task. I wasn't sure how career bridge would help me, but after taking the career personality test and reading my report I was thrilled! I knew what I need to to do! It is very true to my personality"

Here are some testimonials from people who have used the Career Personality Report;


“I have been meaning to email you for some time now to thank you for all the info and insight you have given out to people all over the country.


I was made redundant back in February and was unemployed for 4 months afterwards. Your profile helped me open my eyes to new possibilities and after suffering from stress in almost all of my previous jobs, it gave me renewed confidence and completely changed things.


I am a much happier, smiley, relaxed person. I feel that I have now become unstuck from the vicious cycle and have the confidence to go forward and make things happen.


The turning point was your personal profile, and this is a tool of major importance for anyone trying to achieve something in life.

Thank you, for your help and sharp analysis!




“The personality report has been interesting not least for the accuracy of some of the insights into my character.


Not largely that they were news to me - but that this kind of information can be so accurately inferred by personality profiling.


Bang per buck value seems excellent.


Kind regards


- Sam”



“Hi Mohamed,


I think this report is not only informative but gave me so much confidence in my personality and I would not hesitate to recommend this course to others.






“My feedback so far would be generally very positive. I think the personality analysis is a good fit for me. Like you say, there are small areas where I might disagree but on the whole I think that the profile is accurate.




“Quite simply yes - I must say I was a bit sceptical at first - but the Analysis so far seems to be spot on.






“I am inclined to agree that talent, or personality, is more important than skills. Looking back over my experience, and having being recently in close contact with a job club, based on the skills-based approach, I would recommend the personality report.


Best wishes




“I have gone through all the material you have posted so far and on the whole I am quite happy with the progress. There are always certain things of course that could be improved. I would not hesitate to recommend this personality report to others though.






Hi Mohamed,


I would recommend the course to others as I think it is informative and helpful. The analysis of me and my workstyles is spot on.